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Traces of Places

"When you can move through a house blindfolded it belongs to you ... as if you were a blueprint of your house" 
(Michael Oondatje) 

As she dances, the performer inhabits, and is inhabited by, the mnemonic traces of places that shape her movement. The 'here and now' is haunted by the 'there and then' as embodied memories unfold, rewind, and interweave.

Traces of Places received it's World Premiere on the BBC Big Screen in Edinburgh as part of DANCE:FILM 11 and has subsequently been screened at these Dance & Moving Image Festivals:

Jump Cut
Dundee, UK

Hereford, UK 

U.Dance 2012
London, UK

Video Instants 25th (2012)
Cairo, Egypt

Video Instants 25th (2012)
Marselle, France

Glasgow, UK 

Video Instants 25th (2013)
Tokyo, Japan

Cottier Dance Project 2015
Glasgow, UK


“I saw a woman on the stair, 
I looked again she wasn’t there..."

A lightheartedly intriguing exploration of movement in time and space.

Stair has been screened at the following International Dance & Movement Film and Video Festivals:

Manchester, UK

Limassol, Cyprus

New York, USA

UK Visions in the Nunnery
London, UK

Edinburgh, UK 

SHOOT - Dance for Screen

EDIT2008 - Dance Film Fest
Budapest, Hungary

Dancing Utopia 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

Instants Video Festival
Marseille, France

Bolzano Short Film Festival
Bolzano, Italy  

On Site Impromptus 2017
Shanghai, China


An experimental piece creating movement from still images.

No Place

Developed in residency at The Work Room in Glasgow.

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